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The former group is taking advantage of discounts from the government, doled out to encourage local tourism. “The recent U.S. dollar surge versus other currencies means more Americans may want to travel overseas next year,” says Mercedes Zach, a travel expert at ASAP Ticket. But she warns that inflation may offset the price declines — meaning higher prices at home could neutralize the amount of money you save on a more favorable exchange rate. Some destinations have been slower to reopen, particularly in East Asia, and that’s an opportunity for savvy tourists. It’s a popular time for a river cruise, so fares will be pricey. And even though the car rental shortage is easing, rates remain high, particularly in Europe. A cruise tour is a voyage and land tour combination, with the land tour occurring before or after the voyage. Unless otherwise noted, optional services such as airfare, airport transfers, shore excursions, land tour excursions, etc. are not included and are available for a